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Today SIGN-A-RAMA has more than 800 stores located in 45 countries - and counting. However there are several excellent global locations left and several markets that are completely untapped.

International franchisers enjoy the same SIGN-A-RAMA franchising benefits that our U.S. franchises get, including strategic site selection and negotiation, turnkey start-up services, extensive training and equipment, and ongoing support.

But they also enjoy something more, because when you go global with SIGN-A-RAMA, you have the opportunity to choose from three different levels of ownership:

  • Master Licensees have exclusive ownership rights to lead and manage the growth of SIGN-A-RAMA's throughout one or more countries. As a master licensee, you would enjoy full responsibility for adapting the SIGN-A-RAMA concept to your country or countries - including selling franchises and training and supporting local franchisees.
  • Area Franchisees own the rights to help master licensees grow SIGN-A-RAMA in a specific part of a country, such as a province or county. As an area franchisee, you would help the master licensee sell, start-up and support franchises in your area. In addition, you would own and operate one or more SIGN-A-RAMA stores.
  • Individual Franchisees have the ability to own and operate a SIGN-A-RAMA store under the direction of that country's master licensee and area licensee.

To learn more about these opportunities, contact Tony Foley at the address on the right of this web page. He can walk you through the application process and answer any questions you might ask about market availability.